DevOps — from a practitioner’s viewpoint

So what is DevOps all about anyways?

If you ask ten people what DevOps is you will get at least ten different answers and I find that the difference in definitions has a lot to do with the person being asked perspective.  Managers see one thing, developers another and the operations team something complete different.

My both being developer and a long term Unix/Linux professional including in the realms of system administration and operations I have yet another viewpoint on this.

Citing WikiPedia DevOps combines software development (Dev) with information technology operations (Ops) with the goal in mind of shortening the systems development life cycle all at the same time delivering features, fixes and updates while staying aligned with business goals and philosophy.

To this end a lot of great toolsets are employed to make all this happen.

So what am I going to talk about in this blog?  I currently work as a consultant designing and maintaining a Puppet infrastructure for a software development team.  Along with Puppet tools I use include Jenkins, Git, Docker, Perl and others. So going just a little past the limits of DevOps I’m going to talk about my favorite scripting language Perl.

I’ll also talk about Nagios which is my tool of choice for system and network monitoring.


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